Just gonna slide these RE drawings on in here, don’t mind me. 

In all honesty though, this play through is shaping up to be one of my favorites. It always leaves me laughing and wanting more. I remember when I played it with my sister; once we got past the cheesiness and the Michael Bay explosions, it was one of the funnest co-op experiences we had had. So just go with the flow, Cry. Don’t go looking for logic and linear storytelling, just enjoy a good buddy game with your broseph Jesse :)

[Edit] By the way, I just assume Cry is going to be player 2 in the rest of the Resident Evil campaigns XD

I was inspired to make this title card after watching cry play today. I’m a big fan of the tutorial art they use in the game so I made this really subtle title card in case they ever need one or something. A Weeper holding a Cry mask about to die at the hands of assassin Cryvo, what a weird drawing c: